Understanding your taxi ride cost at Great Value Taxi cab

We believe transparency and trust has to be the core values at Great Value Taxi Cab. Any hidden cost is equivalent to cheating the customer. We also believe that forming a long term relationship with our customers is much more beneficial to the company than a hit-and run strategy. As a result we have designed so many ways a customer would pay less while getting the same service. . For those who decide to dig deep in to this subject matter, we have provided a sufficient explanation of what the customer pays here.

Our rates are $ 2.80 per mile. This rate is for a customer that asks an immediate service. But any customer who is proactive enough to book city or airport transfer at least 3 hours in advance would be rewarded with 15% discount from the meter rate of $2.80 per mile. This means if a customer books a taxi/ transportation service a minimum of 3 hours before the actual delivery of service he /she would be riding at a rate of 2.38 $ per mile.

At the start of the trip when the driver pushes the button, the taxi meter starts counting from $2.75 . The customer might ask: what is this $2.75, we have not started moving yet? It is called a Flag drop rate. It is common to any taxi company. This is what the customer pays if he/she travels less than a block (for example) and changes mind and decide to get off the cab. Then after, at every additional mile travelled the $ 2.80 per mile rate applies.

There is one more thing. A taxi meter fare calculation is a function of two parameters. Distance and time. So far we have been talking about the distance aspect. But time factor is also built in to the meter. Our company meter is set to charge the customer one dollar every 82 seconds (one minute and 22 seconds).

One can see how much difficult it is to know the exact cost of a taxi ride in advance because even if it is possible to know the distance a customer might travel using tools like Google maps( using pick up and drop off address) , we do not know the cost of the traffic delay.

To deal with stop-and-go traffic, meters merge calculations from both the time and the distance sensors inside the taxi meter. For example if you wait 30 seconds in traffic and then cover two blocks ( 1/5th of a mile ) in a typical phoenix cab ride , the taxi meter will merge the two and add 92 cents to the fare: 56 cents for the distance traveled and 36 cents for the time spent waiting. According to some literatures, the vehicle is considered not moving when the vehicle is traveling less than approximately 12 miles per hour

A 10 miles ride would cost the customer $ 28 plus the flag drop , which is $2.75 , plus some traffic delay costs if any ( around 73 cents per minute during the times the cab is not moving ) , plus a tip for the driver if the customer decides to do so.

There are a couple of ways the customer might avoid some of the cost and save more at great value taxi cab. Click here for details.

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