Express Package Delivery



      When you need to get a document or small package (up to 25 lbs) across town, Great Value Taxicab might be your answer. Use our online booking system or call us at 480 332 3362. An independent contractor driver at Great Value Taxicab will pick up your parcel and bring it straight to its destination as per your instruction. How much do you pay ? Plug in the pick up location and drop off address on a map to see distance in miles , then multiply each mile by $2 to reach at the final price quote. There is a grace wait time of 10 minutes at pick up location , after that the cab driver would on the taxi meter until he/ she receives the  package  to be delivered at pick up location by whoever provides it and that would be an extra charge. How ever if the deliverable item is given with in the grace wait time , then there would be no extra charge.

Use our app to do the booking … ( Just insert “Package delivery ” in the Note section.)

Great Value Taxi Cab is dedicated to drive value to your door step!

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