Independent Cab Owners

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We are happy to announce that we have now started to accept any Independent cab owner / Independent livery transport that is licensed to operate in Arizona .   You can stay independent but  still get or receive fares / Dispatches through our driver application.
This is how it works :
Any Independent cab owners can register with us and start to receive customers
There is no need to be part of Great Value Taxicab
you can still work with us by just receiving a sticker which indicates that you work with us
But you need to place the sticker inside your cab where customers can easily see it.
There is no daily, weekly or monthly fees , it is free to register
Fee Independent cab owner pays would be based on the customers dispatched

Then a representative would contact you at a convenient location to discuss the process with you.
Documents needed from you:
– Document showing that you are licensed to operate as a taxi / livery in Arizona
– Vehicle registration
– Drug Test & Background Check of Drivers
-Driver license
Your vehicle need to be 2004 or newer
Always preferred is environmentally friendly vehicles like the Prius

A link to the driver app would be provided for driver to download . Interested ? Click here to apply

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