Parking at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

If you decide to drive, there are a choice of parking options available at Phoenix Sky International Airport. Prices vary depending on which car park you use and how long you plan to leave your car at the airport.

The most advisable thing to do is plan ahead and use the information to decide which car park is most convenient for the flight you are catching. If you are taking an international flight and using an airline such as US Airways, Air Canada or British Airways you will want to use either the Terminal 4 Garage (covered parking option), East Economy Garages A or B (covered parking option) or East Economy Parking (uncovered parking option).

For all other destinations and airlines, such as Delta, United and JetBlue, your parking options include the Terminal 2 Garage (covered parking option), Terminal 2 Garage Economy (covered parking option) or West Economy Parking (uncovered option). The cost of parking will vary depending on the parking option you choose and the length of your stay but as a guide you can expect to pay more for using the covered garages and less if you opt for the uncovered economy parking.

The other factor you will have to take into consideration when selecting a car park is how you will get to your required terminal. If using West Economy or Terminal 2 Garage parking you will need to take the free shuttle bus which operates every 10-15 minutes. However, if you are using East Economy or Terminal 4 Garage parking then you can make use of the free Sky Train, which operates every 5 minutes.

Of course, depending on your personal circumstances, leaving your car at the airport may not be an option. The length of time you need to leave your vehicle may become too expensive, you might feel a little daunted at the prospect of driving and parking at an airport, you might not have access to a vehicle or you simply would rather not have the hassle. A more comfortable, relaxing and convenient option might be to book a reliable taxi service.

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