Case study

Case study The following is an actual story but only the name is disguised ” Suzan is a collage student, getting ready for graduation. To acquaint herself with her field of study she took a part time job at Desert Botanical Garden. But the place was such that It was impossible to get a public transportation. Getting a taxi every day could be so expensive that she might end up paying all her monthly earnings on her transportation needs. As she was looking for ways to find a viable alternative transportation , she found Great Value Taxi cab which gave her a 30% discount from her every ride because she was a STUDENT; what used to cost her 22 bucks now cost her only 14.40 $. Sozan is now saving $6 per ride ; she saves $12 in a single day. And a bout 240 $ per month .That really is a value ! With the help of Great Value Taxi , she was able to generate a great value for every dollar she pays. One single thing required from her was just to book her ride at least 3 hrs. in advance. That is just a way to practice being proactive and planning our days!” Pre-book online Now and see how much you can save

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