Taxi cab service Hyatt Regency Phoenix

How much does a taxi cab cost from Hyatt Regency Phoenix: Downtown Phoenix Hotels (Address: 122 N 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004) to Sky Harbor International airport?

 if you are requesting a Taxi for  immediate service…

Google maps suggest three alternative routes to Sky Harbor Airport from Hyatt Regency Phoenix: Downtown Phoenix Hotels. It is possible that you might need to go via the longer way due to such factors as traffic condition .But the following estimate assumes you would take the shortest possible route, which is about 6 miles via E Sky Harbor Blvd and E Washington . In this case it costs you approximately $20 if you are requesting an immediate service. Remember this price is only an estimate; expect to pay 5 to 10% more if there is a traffic delay because any taxi meter calculates your fare based on a combination of distance and time. Even if the distance variable does not change, the time to get to your destination might change depending up on the traffic condition.

For Immediate Service Call or Text us @ 480 332 3362 ( Text Message Preferred)

 if you are able to book your cab in advance

But the price for  airport transfer from Hyatt Regency Phoenix gets much cheaper if you are able to book the cab a minimum of 3 hours in advance, in which case it becomes whatever the taxi meter gives us less 30% ( which means about 13 dollars under normal traffic condition).  One can assume that all other hotels in down town phoenix with in 2 miles radius from the Convention center would get about the same price.  Take a look at the complete price table of our Special airport rate for advance bookers.

 If you have other places to go to …

If you have other places to go to in town, you just need to look up the distance in miles on google maps and multiply that by 2.80 $ and add 2.75$ Flag drop for immediate service. If, for example, the distance from your location to your destination is 10 miles, then 2.8 $ x 10 miles would be 28 $ plus the flag drop 2.75 $.

For Advance Bookers: Take 15% off from the total , if you are a proactive advance planner.

Important ! All The above prices does not include tip which you may or may not give at the end of service  (at  your discretion )


 The Following  Discounts and Deals might also Interest You

Here are the summary of all our offers so you could take advantage of them: We have a 30% student discount( Student ID required ), we have a special Airport Rate, we give 15% off for early bookers( In-town transfers) , We have educators (Teachers ) discount( 20% – only for in town transfers) , We have military/Veteran discount( 30% off )  , we have a low season discount (20%) in the month of June, July and August and , of course , for our guests from other state we have a visitor discount ( 20% – Need to show ID or driver license). Remember  these offers cannot be combined and can only be claimed by those who can make a minimum of 3 hours in advance booking.


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